With STP technology, all transactions are automated, brokers like LimeFX are merely barred from trading with clients. Traders are thus saved from any conflicts of interest. Nonetheless, traders can take heart and be assured of LimeFX’s legitimacy in light of regulatory status and offers, which we will discuss in succeeding segments.

LimeFX Trading platform

I am glad to collaborate with this perfect company. Their managers are polite and helped me very much. The trading platform is fantastic, conditions are normal. I did not trade until I found out about this company.

About LimeFX Broker

LimeFX’s Educational center is where these are sufficiently acquired if one lacks particular skills and knowledge in trading. And even if one is already a professional trader, chances are, one can still gain from browsing through the center as it holds plenty to learn from. A multi-level safety system protects all data. Traders are assured that no scamming or fraudulent entity can steal a trader’s money, making all operations within LimeFX 100% reliable. Thus, accusing that LimeFX cheats are ill-conceived.

  1. Through the Islamic Account, otherwise known as Swap Free account, these traders can freely profit from trading without violating Sharia law.
  2. I wasn’t able to make a profit, but my money has been returned.
  3. However, the team had also noted that through the LimeFX forex broker, there are some aspects of MT4 that were buggy and took longer to function.
  4. There are a lot of brokers who are scammers.
  5. This demo account is free and gives you a chance to try out the platform, trading atmosphere and then trade with them.

Thoughts on “LimeFX Review 2022: Pros, Cons and Key Features”

The third thing we should estimate is the trading platform that is used by the broker. According to the information on the official website, LimeFX uses MT4 and XCritical software. These applications are the most famous choices in the industry, so it limefx is a big plus for the company. All client funds are saved on separate accounts in the Harris Bank and Fifth Third Bank. All data is protected through the Secure Sockets Layer application. LimeFX’s servers are likewise protected by SSL encryption.

Conflicts of Interest: Why STP Technology is Every Trader’s Friend

The asset selection is only half the issue. There’s also a question about trading software. Different sorts of software can solve different issues and improve your experience accordingly. The science has gone so far that you can automate your experience, make accurate predictions about the price and also trade through a highly-detailed API. Through these neutral LimeFX customer reviews, we can see that the individuals who have spoken out, despite citing some disadvantages, continue to work with LimeFX.

To bring transparency to the forefront, we have publishedour review process that includes a detailed breakdown of how we review LimeFX’s product offering. Each one of these is graded, and an overall score is calculated and assigned to the broker. This can take up to sLimeFXral days, depending on your individual case. According to their website, LimeFX’s top priority is to dLimeFXlop direct communication with their client base.

STP is a technology capable of allowing traders to transact directly with other people. Also, the technology can provide the best price for every trader as STP protects traders from manual price regulation. This statement can be true if we are to talk about short and medium-term trading. In long-term prospects, all assets tend to fall.

I will keep using their services as long as they stay this reliable. Below is a list of trading cost examples for buying and selling the EUR/USD, holding the trade for one night and seven nights, in the ECN XL account. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. The good thing is that the broker also offers a “demo real” account.

Traders have nothing to blame for failed trades but themselves. As such, the LimeFX analyst is only there as an assistant. The simplest LimeFX account is pegged at a minimum deposit of $500. Quite steep, honestly, considering other companies allow traders to commence trading activities even with just ten dollars. However, $10 will not result in much as even one losing trade can obliterate it.

There are a large number of positive and neutral reviews. Negative reviews do not say that this broker is a scammer. While some people complain about the time of withdrawal and response of LimeFX’s customer support, this fact does not impact other people.

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